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Note Takers

lightbulb Did you know as a UMD student you can serve as a peer note taker and that you can get paid to share your notes? 

Note takers provide a valuable service to students with a peer note taking accommodation. Note takers are needed in lectures, discussions, and labs and are paid by the number of credits they take notes for. The goal of being a note taker is to capture all important information presented during (synchronous) classes – note takers are not asked to take notes on readings or other assignments.

Application Process

To become a peer note taker you must: 

  1. Be currently enrolled in a UMD course 
  2. Apply through the ADS Portal for individual courses 
  3. Upload a sample of your notes as a part of your application

Note: ADS students with any form of a note taking accommodation are not eligible to apply to be a peer note taker.

Helpful Tips

  • Upload a sample note related to the course you are applying to take notes for 
    • For example, uploading math notes for a math course
  • If you plan on handwriting your notes, upload a sample of handwritten notes 
    • Make sure the writing is legible and the scan is clear
  • If you plan on typing your notes, upload a sample of typed notes 
  • List the date and course at the top of your notes 
  • Number each page of your notes

Review & Selection

After formally applying to be a note taker: 

  1. An ADS student with a peer note taking accommodation will review uploaded sample notes.
  2. The ADS student personally selects their peer note taker. 
  3. Once selected, the note taker will be contacted via email. 
  4. Notes should be uploaded to the ADS Portal within 24 hours of the end of the class.

Important: Failure to upload your notes in a timely manner will impact your status as a note taker.

How to Guides

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Email with paperwork and payment questions

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