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Visiting Students

At UMD, we're dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive community for individuals with disabilities. With over 1,700 courses and various programs every year, you’ll have plenty of chances to learn, grow, and thrive here. 


We define "visiting students" as those participating in a course or program at Maryland without seeking a degree. This includes:

  • Winter or summer courses for credit transfer
  • Semester/year-long study abroad
  • Courses through Consortium cooperative arrangement 
  • Unique summer programs, like Terp Young Scholars

Apply for Services

All visiting students with documented disabilities can apply for accommodations through ADS. Please contact ADS a few weeks before your start date for a smooth interactive process. 

Keep in mind that previous accommodations may not automatically transfer to UMD. Learn more on our How to Register page or set up a consultation appointment for more information.

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