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Documentation Guidance

Each accommodation request is unique and carefully considered by ADS. We're mindful of how potential barriers, like financial or cultural obstacles, impact a student’s access to needed disability accommodations and documentation. 

IMPORTANT: Lack of documentation will not prevent us from meeting with you. Any student can meet with our office to discuss their situation and explore options for support. We can also help you understand how to get documentation if needed.

Sources of Information

We collect information during the interactive process to help us determine reasonable accommodations that support your experience, without changing essential aspects or outcomes of courses or campus life.

Student’s Self-Report

You are a vital source of information regarding how you may be impacted by your condition(s)/disability. 

Through an interactive process, ADS will work with you to understand your accommodation/accessibility-related needs and determine effective accommodations.

Disability-Related Documentation

These documents are created by a qualified provider and provide background information and/or diagnostic information related to your disability, for example:

  • Formal assessments or reports (neuropsychological, psychoeducational evaluation, audiogram, etc.)
  • Letters from qualified evaluators or healthcare providers
  • High school documentation (IEP, 504 Plan, Summary of Performance), etc.

The information within these documents demonstrates how your disability may impact your participation in courses, programs, services, job activities, and/or access to facilities at UMD.

Third-Party Verification Forms

ADS created Third-Party Verification Forms that can be used as a form of documentation. This option allows providers to answer specific questions regarding the impact of a disability within the higher education environment.

Other Sources

We may also consult with faculty or other campus partners to better understand the context of an accommodation request.

Third-Party Verification Forms

While various forms of disability-related documentation are acceptable, you can have your provider complete our third-party verification form.

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