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Accommodated Note Taking

The Accommodated Note Taking Unit helps facilitate access to academic content for students with an approved note taking accommodation. Through the use of note taking tools and support measures, note taking accommodations help to offset the impact of an individual’s disability related to their note taking experience.

Note taking accommodations should not be viewed as a study guide, or professional note taking service. All students are expected to engage in an active learning process during their time at UMD with or without an accommodation. Approved note taking accommodations are designed to provide access to the lecture content and can be achieved in several ways.

Please note: Students must share their accommodation letter through the ADS Portal to implement their note taking accommodation.

UMD Glean Tutorials

One of our most popular note taking tools is Glean for Education. Glean is an audio note taking tool that allows students to not only record their lectures but also to sync their notes (and PowerPoints) to the audio. The tool helps students take better, well-organized notes and build efficient study practices by enabling students to categorize sections of their notes and pinpoint important sections to review. To learn more about Glean, please review our Introduction to Glean video below or contact to find out about upcoming workshops.

UMD's Introduction to Glean

Recording Your Classes in Glean

Glean Playback, Studying, and Useful Tips

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