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Accommodations & Services

ADS accommodations and services are available for both undergraduate and graduate students and extend beyond academics to encompass various aspects of the student experience, such as student employment/assistantships and campus housing.

Registered Student Portal

Academic Accommodations

We provide a personalized approach to accommodations to ensure access for students with disabilities. Explore our dedicated units below.

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Accommodated Testing

Helps registered students with testing accommodations such as extended time testing, reduced distraction, and alternate formats.

Information for students with testing accommodations
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Accommodated Note Taking

Helps facilitate access to academic content for students with an approved note taking accommodation.

Information for students with note taking accommodations
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Alternate Text Services

Facilitates access to academic content for students with an approved alternate format accommodation that include: electronic format, Braille, enlarged print.

Information for students with alternate text accommodations
A person at her workplace, communicating with someone via a Sign Language interpreter, shown on-screen, using a webcam and a video call program on her computer. photo credit: Sign Video

Communication Access Services (CAS)

Provides communication access accommodations to eligible students that include: sign language interpreters, transcription services, etc.

Requesting CAS
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Adaptive Technology Lab

Helps facilitate access and educates students on assistive technology options available during UMD tenure.

Learn more about the ATLab
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Housing Accommodations

We partner with the Department of Resident Life to implement housing accommodations for students living within an on-campus residence hall.

Our disability specialists will work with you to understand the impact of your disability within a housing context, as your needs may vary from an academic or employment context.

Accommodated Housing process at UMD
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Student Workplace Accommodations

We ensure students who require accommodations for employment and assistantships have the support they need. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide tailored solutions, creating an inclusive and empowering environment for professional growth.

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