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Outreach Requests

In addition to working with students, we collaborate with faculty and staff to promote accessibility and inclusion. We engage in outreach and education and participate in training events, orientations, and other campus activities to enhance skills and awareness when working with students with disabilities to implement their accommodations. This teamwork promotes shared responsibility and fosters a community that empowers all students to thrive at UMD.

How it Works

We offer presentations on ADS procedures and best practices to academic departments, advisers, faculty, staff, and other community members. These presentations can last from fifteen (15) minutes to one (1) hour and can be virtual or on-campus. 

  • To request a presentation, fill out the ADS Outreach Request Form at least three (3) weeks in advance. 
  • During busy times, like the start or end of the semester, kindly submit your request with additional notice. 
  • Once you request a presentation, we'll typically get back to you within one (1) week to coordinate and confirm the details of the requested outreach.
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