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Temporary Accommodations

Interior of Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center with students walking.

We support students with longer-lasting injuries or illnesses (e.g., broken bones, concussions, ongoing conditions, etc.) beyond a six (6) week duration.

Temporary disability accommodations from ADS are established based on a variety of factors that include the impact of the condition and anticipated date of recovery. If your temporary condition lasts longer than anticipated, your assigned disability specialist will work with you to update your temporary accommodation plan.

If you have a seasonal illness or short-term issue (e.g., flu, cold, pink eye, etc.) this is not considered a disability and therefore not eligible for disability accommodations. Students in this circumstance are encouraged to speak with their medical provider and instructors. Students should familiarize themselves with the campus Excused Absence policy for guidance in navigating short term illnesses.

How it Works

If you're new to ADS and need temporary accommodations, please follow the steps on the How to Register page. If you're already registered with ADS and need temporary accommodations, reach out to your disability specialist.

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