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Disability Specialists

Our disability specialists are the primary staff who help students navigate all things related to their accommodations. When you register, we'll match you with a dedicated disability specialist. Your disability specialist provides you with ongoing support and guidance for implementing accommodations throughout your college experience.

Updating Accommodations

Your experience at the University of Maryland may change, and your accommodations might need to be updated. If you require changes to your accommodations, reach out to your assigned disability specialist for a follow-up appointment. You can also contact the ADS Front Desk at or 301-314-7682 to get connected.

Staying Connected

five disability specialists and assistant director posing on the steps of the Shoemaker Building

We encourage you to keep in touch with your disability specialist throughout your time at UMD. They're here to advocate for you and offer valuable resources. 

Staying connected ensures your accommodations align with your needs and aids in planning for future events like internships or exams. If you are unsure who your assigned disability specialist is, the ADS Front Desk can help reconnect the two of you.

How to Reach Us

Registered students can reach out to their disability specialist directly. Students who are registering with ADS for the first time should contact the ADS Front Desk to schedule a registration appointment. All meetings are virtual and need to be scheduled in advance. Please note that we don't offer walk-in or same-day appointments.


Email your disability specialist directly or get in touch with us at


Call the ADS Front Desk to schedule an appointment at 301-314-7682

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