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Guide to Working With ADS

Accessibility and Disability Service facilitates disability accommodations for graduate and undergraduate students on campus. We implement accommodations in the following areas:

  • Academic coursework
  • Student employment/assistantships
  • On-campus housing

Our dedicated staff collaborates with faculty, staff, and departments to ensure students with disabilities receive necessary accommodations at the University of Maryland.

Role of Faculty, Staff, and Departments

At UMD, faculty, staff, and departments take an active role and partner with ADS to accommodate students. All disability accommodations are individualized for each student based on the environment (e.g., academic vs. workplace).

Due to the varied nature of course design, program/certification/licensure requirements, and workplace expectations, disability specialists may need to consult with faculty and supervisors. These consultations help ensure disability specialists understand the unique environment and essential elements.

Once formal accommodations are established, faculty and supervisors partner with ADS to logistically implement accommodations.

Shared Responsibility

Our campus community has a joint, shared responsibility to accommodate students with disabilities to ensure equal access across all aspects of their university experience. Learn how we partner with you to ensure a smooth implementation process.

Your role in accommodating students

Implementing Academic Accommodations

Your dedication to creating an inclusive learning space and embracing diverse needs matters and makes a difference. We're here to help you understand how to implement approved disability accommodations in your course.

Strategies for an accessible classroom experience

Outreach Requests

We engage in outreach and education and participate in training events, orientations, and other campus activities to enhance skills and awareness when working with students with disabilities to implement their accommodations.

Learn how to request an outreach presentation

ADS Staff & Units

We assist students with disabilities in multiple ways, including appointment assistance, adaptive technology guidance, access to academic content, testing accommodations, and interpretation and transcription services. Explore our units below to learn more about how we work with students. 

Disability Specialists

Disability specialists assist registered ADS students (both graduate and undergraduate) in navigating their accommodations and serve as their main point of contact. You can also communicate directly with disability specialists regarding accommodation implementation. The designated contact can be found at the bottom of accommodation letters.

Learn more about disability specialists

Communication Access Services

Communication Access Services (CAS) staff facilitate accommodations (e.g., American Sign Language interpreting, captioning, and transcription) for individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. You'll coordinate with this unit to ensure video media shown in classes and events are captioned in addition to having an American Sign Language interpreter or transcriber present.

Learn more about CAS

Accommodated Testing Office

Accommodated Testing Office staff oversee the logistics for testing sessions completed within ADS testing facilities for registered students with disabilities. You'll partner with staff in this unit to administer testing sessions with accommodations.

Learn more about accommodated testing

Alternate Text Services

Alternate Text Services staff facilitate the conversion and creation of accessible course materials. You'll coordinate with staff in this unit to ensure assigned readings and handouts are converted in alignment with the course syllabus.

Learn more about alt-text services

Accommodated Note Taking

Accommodated Note Taking staff manage all logistics related to technology-based or peer note taking accommodations. You'll work collaboratively with this unit to ensure supplemental notes are available to students with a note taking accommodation.

Learn more about accommodated note taking
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