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Workplace Accommodations

At UMD, both undergraduate and graduate students explore diverse work opportunities. Work experiences are an important part of your educational and personal journey, allowing you to apply your skills and knowledge in real-world settings.

Workplace accommodations are adjustments or modifications that can be made to your work environment, tasks, or procedures. These accommodations are individualized and tailored specifically to you based on the impact of your disability and the unique requirements of your position.

two staff members working in their cubicles in the officeWorkplace accommodations can apply to different areas, such as: 

  • Assistantships (teaching, research, graduate)
  • Internships
  • Clinical rotations
  • Student teaching
  • Fieldwork
  • On-campus hourly positions

Requesting Workplace Accommodations for the First Time

If you're a student with a disability seeking workplace accommodations, we encourage you to register with ADS and connect with us. Check out our How to Register page or review the steps below to get started.

Note: If you need workplace accommodations and are already registered with ADS, contact your disability specialist directly to initiate the process.

1. Complete the ADS Registration Application

This application provides you the opportunity to disclose your disability to ADS and confirms your intent to establish formal accommodations. You can access the registration application through our ADS Portal using your UMD directory ID and password.

2. Meet with a Disability Specialist

Schedule a registration meeting to discuss your accessibility needs and to determine effective accommodations for your workplace. Your disability specialist will review your job requirements and meet with your supervisor or program coordinator to discuss requested accommodations and job duties. 

3. Implementing Accommodations

Disability specialists will provide an Accommodation Letter outlining approved accommodations. This letter is shared with you and your supervisor. If needed, disability specialists may collaborate with other campus units, like Facilities Management or IT, to ensure successful accommodations while protecting your privacy.


Our disability specialists aim to provide reasonable workplace accommodations within thirty (30) business days of your request.


Information about your disability and accommodations is kept confidential and separate from your personnel/student record. However, in some cases, sharing information regarding your disability with relevant individuals – supervisors, human resources staff, first aid personnel, etc. – is allowed by law to ensure proper accommodation.

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