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Adaptive Technology Lab

The Adaptive Technology (AT) Lab provides assistive technology accommodations for students registered with ADS. The AT Lab offers training on adaptive technologies usage, technology-assisted exam support, and hardware and software for accessing information, writing, recording, and creating alternative text formats. 

person interacting with braille keyboard

Assistive technology accommodations may include:

  • CCTV Document Magnification
  • Computer Screen Magnification 
  • Computer Screen Reading 
  • Scan and Read Technology 
  • Tactile Graphics Production 
  • Text to Braille Conversion

Onboarding Process

After your accommodations are approved, your disability specialist will connect you with the AT Lab for an orientation. During this session, AT Lab staff will introduce you to different assistive technology hardware and software tools. You'll also complete any necessary paperwork and receive training on the approved tools, which will be tailored to your needs.

Exam Proctoring

Our ADS Testing Office collaborates with the AT Lab to support students during exams that involve assistive technology. When booking your exam via the Student Portal, please ensure to select the technology that is needed to complete your exam.

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